FCCCM Admission and Online Registration


  1. Who can apply? Any medical graduate of modern medicine holding a minimum MBBS degree and one year experience in ICU can apply.
  2. Can a doctor from any country apply? Doctors from any country who meet the minimum requirement and have an interest in Critical Care Medicine/ Intensive Care Medicine can register for the course and examination. As most of the examination is now conducted online, geographical location, travel expenses / inconvenience are now not an issue. In many countries, there exist multiple systems of medical practice [Allopathy (modern medicine), Ayurvedic medicine, Unani system of medicine, Homeopathy etc]. Apart from Modern/Allopathic system of Medicine, practitioners of regional system of medicine are not eligible to enrol for this examination.
  3. Where can I download the application form?  The older system of paper application forms are discontinued. All applications are made online.

Steps for Online Application

  1. Go to ICUeducation.com and register yourself. Each Candidate MUST have their own registration and login ID. (Note: as lots of online training and assignments are done using “Google classroom” it is highly recommended that you create and use a gmail ID for your email. Other emails may not easily integrate with google classroom).

2. Go to “dashboard” where you will see a list of examinations open for registration.

3. “Register” means the exam is open for registration. “Notify me” means the exam is not open for registration at this moment. If you wish to be notified whenever registrations open for that category of examination, then you can click on “Notify me”.

4. If you click on “Register” for any exam, the system will first check if you are a Member of the College of Critical Care Medicine. This is a pre-requisite for enrolling for an examination. If you are not a member, you will get a red alert on top of the page “Please become a CCM member to register for exam”.

Instructions for Filling the online Examination application can be downloaded here. It is very important to read the instructions before filling online application and to keep all documents for uploading ready before starting.

Instructions for Resizing photograph can be downloaded here. Remember that your photograph will appear on your Fellowship Examination Passing Certificate so it must strictly be meeting standard criteria and size. Do this before registering for the exam online.

To view the Fee structure of PCCCM and FCCCM, click here

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