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The College of Critical Care Medicine is an activity of the Critical Care Foundation. Its purpose is to provide world class Critical care training that is relevant to the middle- and Low-income countries without compromising on the quality of care. There is a lot of emphasis on observation at the bedside and deduction from all available data to quickly narrow down the differential diagnosis.

The College is headed by Dr (Prof.) Meeta Mehta as President and Dr. (Prof.) P. K. Jain as Chairperson. They are advised by a brilliant and dedicated Academic Council made up of the best ICU specialists from across the country. Dr. Anurag Mahajan from Delhi head the Academic Council.

The College conducts the National level Primary Examination in Critical Care Medicine (PCCCM) as well as the Fellowship Examination (FCCCM) in Critical Care. The Popularity of these exams is seen from the fact that doctors from neighbouring countries are also registering for these exams. 

Set up 2 decades ago (2003) the first exam took place in 2004. The first 7 years had a combined Australian and Indian sets of Examiners to consolidate a high standard of examination like the Australian Examination. Today, our Fellows are Pursuing International Fellowships in Canada and UK and working in Australia and UK.

Tools used for training Purposes for the examinations include:

  1. Online Courses that are knowledge specific.
  2. Online self-assessment modules that are skill specific.
  3. A 1-week ONLINE orientation program at the beginning of the academic term to disseminate knowledge the candidate will find useful through out the year for the Primary examination.
  4. A 1-week ONLINE Crash-Revision Course that is focused on revision of important points that will help in the examination with practical tips.
  5. Weekly ONLINE classes taken by faculty and past Fellows.
  6. Supervised training by their local Mentor/ Head of ICU.
  7. Six monthly Assessment of Performance of Candidate (MASKS- Mentors Assessment of Students Knowledge and Skills) as well as assessment of the Mentors by the student (FACT- Fellows Assessment of Critical-Care Teacher) to ensure quality control.
  8. Multiple Mock/ Practice Examinations before the examination.
  9. Use of a system of Academic Points accumulation to ensure education and learning throughout the year.

This website is a companion website to the Critical Care Education website (ICUeducation.com) and all candidates are encouraged to make maximum use of both the sites.

Even physicians not strongly inclined to hard-core Critical Care, they will find the topics and online Courses/ Self-assessment enriching their practice. 

We welcome constructive Criticism and suggestions that could improve our delivery of better training in these countries. We welcome endorsement by like-minded organizations.

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