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Critical Care Education Foundation (CCEF) was setup in 2002 as a platform facilitating high quality critical care training of doctors and nurses in developing countries in general and India in particular.

The Critical Care Education Foundation set up (2003) the College of Critical Care Medicine to plan and execute its academic programs. The College designs and conducts the structured and supervised 2 years Fellowship Examination in Critical Care Medicine. This examination was setup with the help of Dr. Bala Venkatesh (Past President of the Australian College of Critical Care Medicine/JFICM) and his team. It is endorsed by the International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS) Tampa, Florida, USA, as an examination of International standards.

The College of Critical Care Medicine, jointly with Accrete Critical Care international LLP, organizes and conducts the "Mastering Critical Care" series of programs on various topics. These are 1-2 days (non-residential) programs (for trainees and practicing physicians) dedicated to a particular component of critical care such as:

  1. Mastering Fluid & Electrolytes,
  2. Mastering Arterial Blood Gas interpretation,
  3. Mastering ECGs/ EKGs,
  4. Mastering Mechanical ventilation including Non-invasive ventilation,
  5. Mastering the "Sherlock Holmes approach to the critically ill patient" etc. 

The College organizes:

  1. Educational workshops and seminars/ symposium for practicing clinicians,
  2. Organizes Mock Examinations for exam going candidates,
  3. Organizes Crash Courses in Critical Care,
  4. Organizes Orientation Programs for trainees,
  5. Conducts onsite assessment of various ICUs for suitability as training centres for its Fellowship program.

Accrete Critical Care International LLP, a partner organization that works closely with CCEF, maintains the biggest “Self assessment” Website dedicated to Critical Care- It also works with  hospitals towards up-liftment of their ICUs across India (on specific request of those hospital authorities).

Along with Zuventus Pharmaceuticals, CCEF has conducted over 30 “CCEF-Zuventus Residential training Program in Critical Care Medicine”. Through this very popular 3-4 days of intense, yet interactive training program, more than 1000 practicing physicians across India, got trained in “Sherlock Holmes approach to a Critically ill patient”. Similarly, with Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, CCEF conducted training programs/ Workshops for doctors in other countries (Myanmar) on multiple occasions.

The College of Critical Care Medicine under CCEF is guided by its Academic Council. This Council consists of prominent and dedicated Intensivists from across the country, who share a common vision- " Making high quality, compassionate critical care available to everyone by training doctors and nurses". The Academic Council is a think-tank body that is continuously working to enrich critical care education in India.

Critical Care Education Foundation is a registered, not-for-profit, charitable trust that focuses on all aspects related to critical care training and education. CCEF is keen to work with like minded individuals and organizations from around the world, to help doctors and nurses get the best training in critical care. CCEF is also keen to work with organizations/ pharmaceutical companies in their training programs across developing countries.