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(Revised October 2015)


  1. To outline the process of attaining accreditation of your ICU for Fellowship Examination training under the College of Critical Care Medicine (CCEF).
  2. To assist in preparation for a review and inspection of the Critical Care Units at your Hospital.

A. GENERAL GUIDELINES: Intensive care units seeking accreditation as training centres for the 2 year Fellowship Examination  by the College of Critical Care Medicine must meet the following criteria:

  1. Only Allopathic (MBBS and Postgraduates) are accepted as candidates. ICUs must have allopathic doctors in all shifts in the ICU.
  2. The  ICU  must  be  fully  established  and  operational  and  have a head/director who is a Member of the College of Critical Care Medicine (can enroll online as member at www.ICUeducation.com).
  3. The hospital should provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical specialties.
  4. The  unit  must  offer  trainees  a  wide  and diverse spectrum  of  experience  with  an acceptable case load. (Respiratory, Cardiac, Endocrine, Neuro, GI, Trauma, Post-op, Poisoning, Obstetrics etc)
  5. There must be access to a wide spectrum of investigations and therapeutic procedures (digital x-rays, CT scan/MRI, ABG, Urine electrolytes, biochemistry, etc).
  6. The unit must have an adequate number of specialized medical, nursing and ancillary staff.
  7. Clinical supervision by appropriately qualified specialist medical staff must be available at all times.
  8. There must be a program of education, which includes a formal teaching program readily available to trainees.
  9. Adequate  Critical Care  textbooks,   journals,   guidelines, protocols or clinical care pathways must be available on site, and the trainees should have Internet access for online references.
  10. Trainees must work adequate hours within the intensive care unit as distinct from high dependency units.
  11. Unit policies and rosters must ensure that adequate clinical management experience (including performance of procedures) is available to trainees.
  12. The hospital must agree to notify the College of Critical Care Medicine of any changes that might affect training. Changes such as a reduction in the workload or a reduction in the number of recognized teachers working in the unit are regarded as important.


  1. The Patient Care Area: The number of intensive care beds available (minimum 6) should be appropriate to the size and function of the hospital.The area for each bed should be sufficient to allow easy access to the patient and to allow the deployment of equipment needed to manage the patient. The design should take into account the serious risk of cross infection. There should be easy access to hand washing from each bed station and it should be possible to isolate individual patients.
  2. Equipment: Equipment available in the unit must be appropriate to the work done in the unit and to the work load, judged by contemporary standards.
  3. Support Areas: Adequate storage space is essential. There should be a clear separation of clean and dirty working areas.The unit should have ready access to a teaching area with  appropriate facilities.

 C. TEACHING: There must be a formal program of teaching provided for trainees. This teaching will include:

  1.  Formal Tutorials/ Lectures.
  2.  Daily bedside review of patients with the Intensivist for the unit.
  3.  Case presentations
  4.  Review of literature sessions.
  5. Mortality and morbidity sessions.



  1. An institute interested in seeking recognition of its Intensive Care Units as centers for training in Critical Care Medicine by the College of Critical Care Medicine need to write to the Chairman, College of Critical Care Medicine of their interest.(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  2. Along with the Covering letter, the hospital must send a completed “Hospital Data Sheet for application (College)”. This documents can be downloaded from the website www.icueducation.com or by CLICKING HERE. The biodatas of the proposed teachers must also be included in the communication.

Payment of Fees:

  1. “Hospital Data Sheet for application (College)” is to be posted to the College office (Unit-F, Gemini Park, V. N. Purav Marg, Mankhurd, Mumbai-400088, Maharashtra, India)) along with the necessary Inspection and Administrative fee (NON-REFUNDABLE). This is currently (2017) Rs. 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND ONLY) in form of either (1) Demand Draft favoring “College of Critical Care Medicine” and payable in Mumbai. or (2) Alternately, this amount may be deposited directly in the CCEF account offline (in a Central Bank of India located in your city)  or online (NEFT) transfer as per details below:

Pay to “Critical Care Education Foundation, Central Bank of India a/c 1038084469”

IFSC code: CBIN0282523        
Branch: Mankhurd, Mumbai


  1. The College of Critical Care Medicine liaises with the Hospital to confirm an appropriate inspection date, and provide a suggested timetable for the inspection.
  2. The travel cost and hotel stay of inspection team is to be reimbursed by the Hospital on actual.
  3. The inspection takes place.
  4. Hospital must submit ON PENDRIVE (softcopy) all the clinical and administrative protocols as well as any quality control parameters they are monitoring.
  5. All approved teachers must take membership of the ‘College of Critical Care Medicine’ online and inform the Contact details of all approved teachers (mobile no., email) and College Membership number within 48 hrs, so that process of approval can be completed in minimal time


  1. Following the inspection, a confidential report is prepared by the Inspection team and submitted to the Academic council.
  2. The Academic Council decides on approval for accreditation.
  3. The Chairman of the College of Critical Care Medicine notifies the Academic Councils decision to the Hospital's CEO/ Medical director of the decision
  4. Approval letter is emailed to hospital and teachers.

Link to download Application for getting ICU recognized- CLICK HERE